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  • Medical protective eye mask
Medical protective eye mask

Medical protective eye mask

  • Product description: Medical protective eye mask

【Product Description】

Product Name: Medical protective eye mask

Specification / Model: MZ-202

【Product Composition And Application】

Medical protective eye mask are comprised of protective cover, foam bar and fixture made of high polymer materials. It is used in inspection and treatment in medical institutions to prevent fluid or blood from splashing or spilling. It can prevent impact of object on the eye during surgery and effectively block saliva and spray. The frame is made of soft PVC material with a more comfortable binding face. High quality PC lens are adopted and antifogging coating is added. They provide clear and bright sight without fogging. The space in the goggles is large, suitable for doctors with glasses. The product adopts the all-sealed design to effectively prevent infection.


✔ The product adopts a fully enclosed design to effectively prevent bacterial infections;

✔ Soft PVC frame, fit the face more comfortably;

✔ High-quality PC lens, add anti-fog coating, high-definition and translucent without fog;

✔ The internal space of the eye mask is large, suitable for doctors wearing glasses.


1. Open the bag and take out the protective goggles;

2. Check whether the eye mask is neat and intact, and the eye mask is not deformed;

3. Just wear it.

【Notes and prompting instructions】

1. Expired products with damaged primary packaging or foreign objects are prohibited;

2. One-time use and destruction after use;

3. Dispose of medical waste according to regulations.

【Registration certificate】

Hunan Changde Medical Device Filing No.20200004

【Manufacturing license(s)】

Changde SFDA Medical Device Production Permit No.20150005

[Storage condition]

Ventilated, cool, dry and clean indoor environment without corrosive gas.

【Shelf life】

Three years