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  • Disposable protective clothing for medical
  • Disposable protective clothing for medical
Disposable protective clothing for medicalDisposable protective clothing for medical

Disposable protective clothing for medical

  • Product description: Disposable protective clothing for medical

【Product Description】

Product Name: Disposable protective clothing for medical

Model / Specification: Siamese170、180

【Product use and characteristics】

Disposable medical protective clothing is made of laminated non-women fabric and comprised of hoodie and pants. The cuff and hem are elastic bind-off. The cap face bind-off and waist bind-off are elastic drawstrings. The product belongs to non-sterile supply. It can provide barrier and protection for the blood, body fluid and secretions of patients with potential infection which are contacted by clinical medical staff at work. It can't be used in isolation of intensive care unit (Ward) and other places with strict microbial index control.

【Put on and take off method】

1. Pull the zipper of the protective clothing to the end, lift the Siamese cap with both hands, and let the cap off the head;

2. Grasp the inner surface of the protective clothing with both hands, take off the roll from the inside out, from top to bottom, until all take off;
3. Put the unrolled protective clothing into the designated container according to the medical waste disposal regulations.

【Notes and prompting instructions】

1. Expired products with damaged primary packaging or foreign objects are prohibited;

2. Use with caution if you are allergic to non-woven fabrics;

3. One-time use and destruction after use;

4. Dispose of medical waste according to regulations;

5. The product is sterilized with ethylene oxide.

【Manufacturing license(s)】

Hunan CFDA Production Permit No.20180008

【Registration certificate(s)/Technical requirement】

HNMPA Certified 20202140315

【Storage condition】

The product shall be stored in an indoor environment with relative humidity less than 80% and good ventilation without corrosive gas.

【Shelf Life】

One Year