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  • Medical isolation clothing
  • Medical isolation clothing
Medical isolation clothingMedical isolation clothing

Medical isolation clothing

  • Product description: Medical isolation clothing

【product description】

Product name: medical isolation gown

Specification / Model: L, XL, XXL

【Product use and characteristics】

The main material of medical isolation clothing is nonwoven. The conjoined body consists of a hooded jacket, trousers and shoe cover. The ankle mouth, face and waist closing are elastic closing. The jacket is made up of long-sleeved jacket and waist rope. The cuff is elastic and knitted. It is intended to provide a barrier to help prevent cross-contamination of infectious agents between the visitor and patients.Non-sterile, disposable use.

【Wearing and taking off method】

1. Pull the zipper of the isolation garment to the end, lift the Siamese cap with both hands, and let the cap off the head;

2. Grasp the inner surface of the gown with both hands, take off the roll from the inside out, from top to bottom, until all take off;

3. Put the rolled-off isolation clothing into the designated container according to the regulations of medical waste disposal.

【Notes and prompting instructions】

1. Expired products with damaged primary packaging or foreign objects are prohibited;

2. Use with caution if you are allergic to non-woven fabrics;

3. One-time use and destruction after use;

4. Dispose of medical waste according to regulations;

【Registration certificate】

Hunan Changde Medical Device Filing No.20200005

【Manufacturing license(s)】

Changde SFDA Medical Device Production Permit No.20150005

[Storage condition]

The product shall be stored in an indoor environment with relative humidity less than 80% and good ventilation without corrosive gas.

【Shelf life】

Three years