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  • Disposable medical mask - copy
  • Disposable medical mask - copy
Disposable medical mask - copyDisposable medical mask - copy

Disposable medical mask - copy

  • Product description: Disposable medical mask

【product description】

Product name: Disposable medical mask

Model number: Plane hanging ear type

Specification: 17.5 * 9.5cm

【Product use and characteristics】

Disposable surgical mask is comprised of mask, nasal splint (plane type) and rope. The mask includes two layers of SMS non-woven fabric and efficient filtering melt-blown fabric through folded ultrasonic waves. The nasal splint is made of plastic and the rope is elastic. The lace of the rope is non-woven not from sterile supply. It is applicable to health nursing in general medical environment without bodily fluid and splash risks.

【Instructions for use】

1. Tear the small package from the unsealing place and take out the outlet cover;

2. Check whether the mask is neat and in good shape, whether the mask body and the mask band are firmly cooperated, and adjust the mask band;

3. Adjust the direction of the mask body (with the tip of the nose facing up), and then wear it;

4. After use, dispose as usual.

【Notes and prompting instructions】

1. Please check whether the packaging is intact before use, and confirm the external packaging mark, production date, and validity period;

2. Make sure that the mask covers the nose bridge to the lower jaw after being unfolded to obtain the expected protective effect;

3. Disposable medical masks are forbidden to be reused;

4. If the packaging of the mask is damaged before use, it is forbidden to use;

5. Use with caution if you are allergic to non-woven fabrics;

6. After the mask is used, it should be handled according to the requirements of the hospital and environmental protection department.

Manufacturing license(s) Hunan CFDA Production Permit No.20180008

Registration certificate(s)HNMPA Certified 20202140193

【Storage condition】Storage conditionThe product shall be stored in an indoor environment with relative humidity less than 80% and good ventilation without corrosive gas.

【Shelf Life】Two Years

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