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  • Zhen Gongfu®
Zhen Gongfu®

Zhen Gongfu®

  • Persistent HPV high-risk infection Yang to Yin patent product
  • Product description: Zhen Gongfu®

【Main ingredients and effects】

Phytic acid ketone (composite phytic acid, flavonoids, silicone):

It can promote human metabolism, improve cell nutrition, and treat inflammation. Flavonoids are widely present in the plant kingdom, and have the functions of anti-oxidation, inhibition of tumor cell proliferation, promotion of brain cell apoptosis, inhibition of viral replication and growth, direct killing of viruses, enhancement of immune function, etc. It can prevent various bacterial infections, repair epithelial damage, and obviously prevent the proliferation of scars.

Small molecule hydrogel:

It can wrap drugs, improve the transdermal absorption of drugs, and can maintain the effective concentration and diffusion range of drugs, and improve the drug efficacy of products in epithelial tissue.

Specific protein peptides:

In synergy with hydrogels, small molecule hydrogels composed of specific protein peptides can greatly enhance the transdermal effect of drugs and the diffusion of drugs in tissues. In addition, specific protein peptides can be affinity and adsorption to epithelial cells to help send phytic acid into epithelial cells.

【Action mechanism】

►Adjusting the PH value environment in the vagina is not conducive to the survival of HPV.

►Destroy HPV's capsid protein L1, L2 structure, making it lose its recombination function.

►Inhibit E6, E7 oncogene activity, thereby blocking its replication. As a result, the virus cannot use the protein synthesis system of the host cell to disappear.

►Repair the cervical epithelium and block HPV from entering the host cell channel.

【Scope of application】

►Used for low-grade lesions caused by persistent high-risk HPV infection of the cervix;

►Combined use of LEEP or cervical surgery to remove residual virus and repair cervical tissue;

►For cervical inflammation and HPV prevention.

【Recommendation for use and treatment course】

1: Open the package and take out the disposable pusher.

2: Remove the back cover first, then remove the protective cap, and insert the injector into the deep part of the vagina.

3: Use the protective cap as a booster to push the gel to the cervix.

4: Use before going to bed, first use 4 HPVI type, then use 6 HPVII type. 1 at a time, once every other day (use one for the next day for best results, which is more conducive to the shedding of necrotic tissue and excreted from the body). Use one set per month, and three sets for routine treatment. It is recommended to use one week after use to avoid menstrual period review.

Note: For patients with CIN1 or below CIN1, the recommended period of use is about 3 months;

CIN2 patients with fertility requirements are recommended to use for about 6 months;

The combined use after surgery and physical therapy is recommended to be used for about 1 to 3 months.


* Stop using during pregnancy, breastfeeding and menstruation, and start using it 4 days after menstruation is clean;

* Patients are forbidden to have sex during the use of the product (the same room during treatment will enlarge the cervical fissure, open more channels for the virus, and increase the viral load and type), avoid seafood, spicy;

* It is not recommended to use this product within 20 days after physical and surgical treatment.

* This product rarely has adverse reactions, and occasionally discomfort can be suspended.

【Clinical Academic】

Zhen Gongfu clinical application effect comparison chart

【Pharmacodynamic Research】

Test entrusting unit: Hunan Jinpeng Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

Research institution: Hunan Experimental Animal Center (Hunan Drug Safety Evaluation and Research Center)

Research topic code: HNSE2018 (3) 010

Research purpose: This study was to verify the repair of Zhen Gongfu on cervical epithelial cell damage and the elimination of human papillomavirus (HPV).

Specification: 3g / support

【Validity Period】: Two years

【Production record number】: Xiangchang Food and Drug Supervision Equipment Production Preparation No. 20150005

【Product record number】: Xiangchang Machinery Equipment No. 20170007

Patients' clinical question and answer during HPV treatment

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