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Rheumatic Orthopaedics


【Product advantages】:

A unique and innovative product in the country that combines traditional Chinese medicine and orthopedic fixation technology

【Product composition and efficacy】:

Plant extract: It is mainly composed of more than 20 kinds of Chinese medicines such as Phellodendron amurense, Asarum, Chuanwu, and Nanxing.

Polymer elastic bandage: It has good breathability and effective elasticity, and can effectively fix the damaged part.

Nano-ion glue: It has strong biocompatibility, can prolong the action time of the drug on the body surface and increase the efficacy of the drug.

【Action mechanism】:

By combining traditional Chinese medicine and orthopedic fixation technology with high-tech nano-ion glue and low-woven breathable elastic bandage machine, the affected area can be effectively fixed to achieve anatomical reduction, and the drug can be used for the affected area, using nanotechnology, through medical special materials And the permeability and radiation of plant extracts, driving drug ions to penetrate into the lesion through the subcutaneous capillaries, promoting the absorption of ruptured nucleus pulposus, and promoting the reset of the dislocated fibrous ring, so as to achieve the purpose of treating both the symptoms and the symptoms.

【Scope of application】:

Acute soft tissue injury, usually bruises, torn ligaments around the joints, avulsed or cracked fractures, facet joint dislocation (facet joint dislocation can be used after manual reduction), traumatic synovitis (if there is fluid Use after blood collection). The effect of this type of acute injury is excellent, and pain relief can be clearly felt in a short time.

【Applicable Department】:

Orthopedics, emergency department, rheumatology department, rehabilitation department.


1. For the first time, an orthopedic surgeon bandages and fixes the anti-trauma force according to the mechanism of limb injury.

2. One box at a time at the injury, it is recommended to replace it every day (not more than 24 hours per patch), 5 days as a course of treatment.


☆ For the first time, use it under the guidance of an orthopedist;

☆ Wash and dry the affected area before dressing;

☆ People with obvious fractures can only be used for temporary emergency;

☆ Use with caution for those with allergies;

☆ Pregnant women and lactating women are prohibited;

☆ Those with abrasions, lacerations, skin damage and severe contusions are prohibited;

☆ If itchy or red skin appears during use, please stop using it.

【Product model】: S type of bone injury, M type of bone injury, L type of bone injury

【Storage method】: No corrosive gas, ventilated, cool, dry, clean indoor storage.

【Validity Period】: Two years

【Production record number】: Xiangchang Food and Drug Supervision Equipment Production Preparation No. 20150005

【Product technical requirements / product record number】: Xiangchang Machinery Equipment No. 20170006

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