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Rheumatic Orthopaedics

  • Jinluotong


【Scope of application】

It is suitable for symptoms such as soreness, numbness, focus, unfavorable flexion and extension of joints and muscles caused by wind, cold, and dampness caused by feeling wind, cold, and humidity on the human body's machine and meridian. Provides binding force to the wound dressing or limbs to play a role of dressing and fixing.

【Product composition and efficacy】

The product is composed of a combination of more than 20 kinds of herbal extracts such as musk and myrrh, combined with nano-ion glue and carbon fiber self-adhesive bandage.

【Action mechanism】

The active ingredients of plant extracts penetrate into the skin to produce the effects of relaxing muscles and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, dispelling wind and dispelling cold, etc., so as to achieve pain relief, inflammation, swelling and other reactions. Combined with carbon fiber self-adhesive bandage, the local bandage is fixed and can effectively prevent the invasion of external evils. Through the adsorption of activated carbon fibers, the body can be drained of wet evils, etc., and promote local circulation to improve the pathological mechanism of the patient site, restore the physiological function of the lesion, Symptoms such as poor joint movement.

【Adaptation to illness】

It is suitable for tendinitis, tenosynovitis, periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, cervical / lumbar disc herniation, discogenic low back pain, lumbar muscle strain, knee joint, bone and joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, bone hyperplasia, osteoporosis, Tennis elbow, soft tissue pain.


Open the single package, remove the bandage, and use it as usual. For the first time, a specialist doctor bandages and fixes the painful area according to the pain site. It is recommended to replace the affected area one box at a time. It is recommended to replace it daily (each patch should not exceed 24 hours).


• Before use, check whether the single package of the product is complete, and foreign objects in the single package are prohibited.

• For the first time to use under the guidance of a specialist;

• This product is an external product, and oral administration is strictly prohibited;

• Disable during pregnancy and lactation;

• Disabled persons with bruises, lacerations, broken skin and severe contusions in the affected area;

• There are very few adverse reactions to this product. If you have severe allergies, just suspend use.

• Stored in a cool and dry place, unopened storage period is two years.

【Storage method】: Avoid storage under extreme conditions (below -40 ℃ or above 60 ℃), and avoid light.

【Validity Period】: Two years

【Product record number】: Xiangchang Machinery Equipment No. 20180005

【Production record number】: Xiangchang Food and Drug Supervision Equipment Production Preparation No. 20150005